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Bergen slams Sajjan over Military Sexual Misconduct Scandal

The Deputy leader of the Opposition, Candice Bergen, launched into Harjit Sajjan over allegations made concerning the scandal with General Vance.

"Well Mr. Speaker," Bergen began, "when Conservatives heard rumors, we acted. When Liberals saw evidence, they ran and hid. It would appear the Prime Minister knew in 2018 he was facing much more serious evidence of inappropriate sexual harassment. It begs the valid question about the PM's state of mind at the time. If the Prime Minister had held Vance to a standard of zero tolerance for MeToo Allegations, he would have had to hold himself to the same standard. He wasn't prepared to do that and looked the other way. Isn't it true the Prime Minister decided to sacrifice women who were being victimized in the military to protect himself?

Sajjan responded by accusing Harper of also knowing Vance was under investigation and not doing anything.

Bergen responded: "Here's what we know happened from 2018 when the PM's Office knew of these allegations. The Prime Minister publicly praised Vance for leadership in Operation Honour, he signed off on making him the longest serving chief of defense staff and even gave him a 50,000 dollar raise. All the while, his chief of staff knew there were allegations against the general. Are we to believe that Katie Telford kept the Prime Minister in the dark while she watched him reward, praise and even promote General Vance?"

Gerard Deltell, a leading Conservative, then attacked the Liberals for a "odious coverup."

"This morning, the national defence committee was supposed to meet to discuss the issue, but through the liberal chair of the committee, cancelled the meeting," Deltell noted in French. "Why are these liberals continuing the cover up of sexual misconduct in the armed forces?"

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