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BC Liberal leadership candidate Ellis Ross backs water quality improvement in Vancouver

Ellis Ross, MLA for Skeena in the British Columbia Legislature, gave a speech today concerning the poor state of water quality in False Creek, a short inlet in the heart of Vancouver separating downtown from the rest of the city. Ross, a former chief councillor of the Haisla Nation and a recipient of the Order of British Columbia, is currently the front-runner for the BC Liberals leadership.

"Quite recently, I was invited to visit False Creek in Vancouver, and more importantly, to visit False Creek Friends; a fledgling group that has deep concern about the health of our waters, whether it be creeks, groundwaters or oceans," Ross began. "They want to start in their own backyard; more specifically, False Creek. The issues they want to tackle are huge but their dream is achievable, if we do it with the mindset of what our world could be like in the future.

Ross continued: "Yes, there are jurisdictional issues, issues with the past treatment of indigenous people, and of course, pollution problems. Now, more than ever, it is time to dream and turn dreams to reality. I have been invited to help and I will help where I can.

The one area I've always been interested in is water quality. Sewage in amounts so great Vancouverites couldn't go swimming because of E. coli levels, which is only now starting to adjust. There are smart and keen people that have been working to address this in a cost-effective manner using new technology. BC-ers are leaders in trying to do better in terms of the world around us; we're not a people that rests on our laurels. Cleaning up will False Creek will not be easy, but can we do it? Yes. For the world we plan to leave to our descendants, it is worth it."

In the past, Ross spoke with the Buffalo Tribune to describe his support for elected chiefs and to announce his candidacy.

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