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Another Liberal Breaks Rank, Opposes Trudeau Government’s COVID Management

Another Liberal MP has opposed Justin Trudeau’s handling of the pandemic to side with fellow Quebec representative Joel Lightbound, calling the federal government’s response “politicized” and “divisive.”

“He [Lightbound] said exactly what a lot of us think,” said Liberal MP Yves Robillard (Marc-Aurèle-Fortin) in an interview with The Hill Times. “I agree with everything that Lightbound said.”

This comes in wake of Lightbound's desicion to hold a press conference criticizing his party's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I’ve heard from people worried that those making the decisions seem at times to have been blind to the fact that we’re not all equal for lockdowns that not everyone can earn a living on a Macbook at the cottage. I’ve heard people worried that a few might have lost sight of the quiet and discreet suffering of the many,” said Lightbound.

“I’ve heard people in great pain to see some of their friends whom they love and respect but who’ve decided, for whatever reason, we might very well disagree with, who’ve decided not to get vaccinated and as a consequence, are jobless, selling what they have and moving to the United States, away from their communities, away from their friends and from their families,” Lightbound said.

“I can’t help but notice with regret that both the tone and the policies of my government have changed drastically since the last election campaign. It went from a more positive approach to one that stigmatizes and divides people,” Lightbound said.

The Prime Minister quickly responded to the controversy. “Over the past many, many weeks, I’ve had many conversations with all different members of the caucus, including Mr. Lightbound on a number of occasions,” Trudeau told reporters. “I spoke with him yesterday morning. We’re going to continue to talk. We’re going to continue to go through this the way Canadians are, where yes, we’re all tired. Yes, we’re all frustrated, but we continue to be there for each other. We continue to know that science and public health rules and guidance is the best way through this pandemic, is the way we’re going to get to the other side.”

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