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Amber Tuccaro's mom takes to Facebook in complaint against police

Amber, of Alberta’s Mikisew Cree First Nation, was last seen on Aug. 18, 2010, in Nisku, just outside of Edmonton.

CBC reports that she arrived with a female friend and her son Jacob, who was 14 months old at the time, from Fort McMurray, where she was living with her mother. Their plan was to stay the night outside the city to save money, and head into Edmonton the next day.

After deciding to hitchhike into the city that night, Amber never returned; her body was found by horseback riders nearly two years later.

Nearly eleven years later, Tuccaro's mother Vivian took to Facebook with a new complaint against police investigators.

"Hello everyone, need some help in contacting the person/persons who found my daughter Amber’s status card in Calling Lake, AB maybe January or February 2013. The card was found in a hockey bag at the Calling Lake arena and was posted on the bulletin board; someone recognized Amber’s picture and said it’s the girl who’s remains were found on September 2012 and turned it in to the RCMP. How the hell did her ID turn up there about 5-6 months after her remains were found?"

"This info was told to my son and myself in 2020 and not by the police, had this person [not told] us we would’ve never known about this! I contacted the police who are working on Amber’s case, questioning why our family wasn’t told about this and was told that they had to go back and check on it in Amber’s file? Once again another f___ up in my daughter’s case; had they worked on this info maybe we would’ve [had] some kind of answers as to how her ID ended up there? They say they are always working on her case but because of the so called “mistakes” since the very start of my daughter going missing makes me think otherwise!"

Vivian continued:

"I always pray that the “dirty bastard” will be caught so that my baby girl Amber can have Justice and Rest In Peace but coming up August 18 will be 11 years now and still NO ____ answers! This is very hard, stressful and no peace of mind for our family, yet there are people out there that have info about this and not coming forward to solve this case! You are just as guilty as the killer!"

"If anyone has any info about Amber’s ID found at Calling Lake or any kind of info about Amber, please contact the police or message me!"

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