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Albertans fight back against new COVID mandate

Across Alberta, protestors have organized “freedom rallies” in opposition of COVID-19 health measures.

Hundreds of Edmontonians attended the “World Wide Rally for Freedom” − one of several planned demonstrations across Canada and the world.

Protesters were seen bearing Canadian flags and holding signs voicing their displeasure with various public-health measures.

One of the handmade signs read “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.” Another read “Don’t Believe the Fake News,” echoing a sentiment often shared by former U.S. President Donald Trump. Among them could be seen PPC election posters. The federal party, led by Maxime Bernier, has become associated with the anti-mandate movement.

Bernier actually made a late election stop in Calgary this weekend, speaking at a rally that attracted more than 1,000 attendees, many carrying anti-mask and anti-vaccine

The event, which occurred at Central Memorial Park, came on the heels of Alberta's new declaration of a state of public health emergency as a fourth wave of COVID-19 allegedly begins.

The event — dubbed the “Worldwide Freedom Rally” — was attended by both Bernier and former Conservative MP Derek Sloan, who gave speeches with two days left before Canadians are set to vote in the federal election.

“(There’s) a real freedom revolution in this country, because we know when tyranny becomes law, revolution becomes our duty,” Bernier said. “After this election, that will be a new beginning. That won’t be the end, and I will be with you in the street to protest and fight, fight for our freedoms.”

“This is not about science, this is not about logic, this is not about governance. Something bigger is going on,” Sloan added. “There’s a spiritual battle on now for the heart and soul of Canada.”

Meanwhile, Christopher Scott's Whistle Stop Café, located in Mirror, has also made headlines again. Back in May, Scott was arrested for a protest against restrictions near his café after the rally was deemed to be in violation of a COVID injunction order applied for and obtained by Alberta Health Services.

A sign posted by Scott on the café's Facebook page attracted thousands of likes from supporters and well-wishers:

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