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Alberta “war room” call's out Netflix for being Anti-Oil

The Alberta government’s energy “war room” is allegedly prepping for war with Netflix over an animated children's movie which it claims inaccurately portrays the oil industry.

The Canadian Energy Centre claims more than 1,000 people have sent an automated letter off its website to the streaming service , describing the film as propaganda.

“Bigfoot Family,” which concerns the son of the mythical creature Adam (and his dad) as they fight off an oil company led by an evil tycoon, made its debut on Netflix Canada earlier this year.

CEC claims the movie demonizes workers in the energy sector and is promoting falsehoods about the energy industry.

The United Conservative government under Kenney established the $30-million-a-year war room to promote the energy industry and to combat misinformation.

With Léger polls showing the NDP leading the UCP by 21 points (51% to 30%), a Notley majority is looking increasingly unavoidable. It is likely such a government will deprioritize the energy sector upon coming to power.

Back in October a county in Texas has indicted Netflix for its allegedly “lewd” marketing of Cuties, the French-language film about child dancers that sparked a firestorm of moral outrage over the summer.

A grand jury indicted the company in Tyler County last month, citing the way it promote

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