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Alberta to ease some public-health measures Feb. 8

Alberta will soon lift certain public-health measures implemented to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 starting as of Feb. 8, Premier Jason Kenney announced today.

As of Monday, restaurants, cafes and pubs will reopen for in-location dining options. Gyms however remain a 'maybe,' although some indoor and outdoor children’s sports will resume.

This is part and parcel of a gradual approach: Kenney also seeks to ease further restrictions if hospital admissions dip below 450 by the beginning of March, whereby we may see lessened restrictions in retail, banquet and community halls, conference centres and hotels.

If hospitalizations fall below 300, places of worship, indoor social gatherings, movie theatres, libraries, museums, art galleries adult team sports, casinos and bingo halls will be allowed to resume.

If hospitalizations fall below 150, widespread reopening will occur, including concerts, sporting events, festivals, wedding and funeral receptions, amusement parks and trade shows.

This update comes amidst news that Moderna, producer of one of the two approved vaccines in Canada alongside Pfizer, will only ship about180,000 doses from Moderna next week, less than 50,000 from the expected amount.

For Alberta, this means 18,800 doses next week instead of 24,600. “Once again, our country and our province is not a priority,” Health Minister Tyler Shandro said. “A lot will depend on how much vaccine actually arrives in Alberta during the next month. At this point, I know that many Albertans are frustrated to hear about cuts to vaccine shipment day after day, and I have to say, we are, too.”

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