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Alberta taxpayers need a plan to balance the budget

EDMONTON, AB: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on the Alberta government to release a concrete plan to balance the budget following today’s fiscal update.

“It’s good to see the deficit moving in the right direction, but taxpayers are still waiting for Premier Jason Kenney to show us his plan to balance the books and rein in more than a decade of overspending,” said Kevin Lacey, Alberta Director with the CTF.

The CTF points out that increased revenues are the major reason for the improved fiscal situation in this fiscal update.

The deficit is now $7.8 billion. The lower deficit is largely due to the $11.3 billion increase in revenue. Spending is up $800 million, according to today’s fiscal update.

The CTF is calling on the Alberta government to reduce spending. The Blue Ribbon Panel on Alberta’s finances found that the Alberta government would spend $10 billion less every year if it brought its per person spending in line with comparable provinces, such as British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

“Taxpayers have done the heavy lifting to improve the fiscal health of the province, now it’s time to see some savings from our government,” said Lacey. “Families and businesses have been tightening their belts for years, and now it’s time for the Alberta government to do the same and find savings.”

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