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Alberta Rural Crime is at it's worst point!

Prairie provinces continue to see disproportionately high crime rates in small towns and villages, and thieves, looters, and other felons continue to create issues for rural Alberta. Czar, Alberta- Alberta Treasury Branch location was recently robbed and destroyed by thieves.

According to a local resident, he heard noise at approximately 4:00 AM on October 15, 2020 and called RCMP. Vehicle was described as a silver/grey Dodge truck with some type of service body.

The bank safe was pulled through the counters and exterior wall of the building but was not successfully opened.

The population of the Village of Czar according to the 2016 census is about 200 people. Being such a small community, you would expect crime rates to be low, however rural crimes like this have been an escalating issue for Alberta.

According to a study by Statistics Canada, the crime rate in rural Alberta is 38% higher than that of the urban centers.

Alberta is considered an outlier in relation to the other provinces, with a greater disparity between rural and urban crime rates than anywhere else.

The high crime rate in rural centers is especially worrisome to small business owners, who’s only source of revenue can be horrifically damaged by criminal activity.

The overall police-reported in Canada has dropped over the last 15 years, however the decrease has mostly been due to lowered crime in urbanized areas, not rural ones.

Due to take advantage of small police forces within small communities.

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