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Alberta First Nations Man Calls Out Jane Fonda On Her Anti-Oil Rhetoric

It’s no secret that Fonda has been an activist for years. She has spoken out several times, even making trips to Alberta to speak and join her voice with some members of the Indigenous community against pipelines and oilsands. In 2017 she had even made a speech at the University of Alberta wherein she spoke to both environmentalists and those not involved with the cause. She highlighted how both sides had a common enemy in Trudeau. Fonda claimed that the government had been lying to its people by telling us there is no other way. She finished to a roaring applause.

Now we meet Stephen Buffalo, President and CEO of the Indian Resource Council of Canada, who has taken to social media to make a request to Jane Fonda to have a calm and fact based discussion about the oil and gas industry in Canada. In his heartfelt video he has powerful words for the grand celebrity.

“We (Indian Resource Council of Canada) are an advocacy organization that represents oil and gas rights and interests of First Nations in Canada. I see you’re in Minnesota protesting line 3, calling our oil sands “the worst”. I would like to invite you to join my colleagues and I on a Zoom call to give you the real story about the great things happening in Northern Alberta.”

“Let’s be honest,” Buffalo continues. “The world needs energy and the energy sector is very important to First Nations in our province. We’ve been involved since the beginning. It provides jobs and business opportunities and really helps our communities prosper. And as people closest to the land we have an input into the environmental stewardship which we are very proud of.”

“Our communities have had concerns in the past too. But we are working with industry to develop solutions to protect the environment while growing our economy. It’s not our way to take an all or nothing approach. We really prefer to seek balance. I hope you’ll join me in respectful discussions to answer any questions that you may have.”

He respectfully finishes with a small request. “Let’s have a conversation based on facts; not stereotypes based on dogmas or an ideology. I look forward to sharing with you a different perspective on the oil sands industry and the important role it plays in our economy and social development.”

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