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Alberta First Nation calls for investigation into election

It has been reported that members of the Driftpile Cree Nation, a First Nation on the southern shore of Lesser Slave Lake, are seeking a re-do of the December 20th election for their chief and members of council.

According to the Lakeside Leader, April Isadore (one of the proponents) claims that the petition to do so has "...well over 250 signatures.” Isadore, one of many candidates who failed to be elected to council in December, has said that "’s nothing personal. There’s no ill feeling about who’s in there now. I’m objecting to the process.” Isadore has said that improper handling of mail-in ballots may have affected the outcome of the election. She is appealing for a formal appeal, which is accepted, can prompt a fresh election if the federal authorities deem that the election process was mishandled.

Such a thing is not completely out of the blue. Members from Bigstone Cree Nation were demanding change and transparency due to leadership scandal and members on council who were removed without sufficient cause.

Back in 2018, the 2018 Bigstone Cree Nation election was overturned. Consequently, Chief Clara Moberly, elected in October, served just two months before losing the December election to Silas Yellowknee after arbitrators invalidated the previous election.

Bigstone and Driftpile First Nation is located in Treaty 8 region in Northern Alberta.

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