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Alberta CFO Calls 'Assault-style' Weapon Ban 'Ineffective'

Teri Bryant, Alberta's chief firearms officer, called on Ottawa to cancel the ban on more than 1,500 models of guns and instead fund the tracking and prosecution of those who commit crimes with firearms.

"Prohibiting specific types of firearms is an approach that has proven ineffective in improving public safety," Bryant said in the letter. "It is time to focus on what does work, the diligent pursuit and prosecution of criminals and those putting firearms into their hands.

"In Alberta, it is these scofflaws that are driving both rural crime and the alarming violence in our major cities," she added.

Tyler Shandro, Alberta justice minister, said the firearm ban creates challenges for law-abiding owners "without benefitting public safety."

"We established the chief firearms office to assert our provincial jurisdiction and ensure the rights of Albertans," Shandro said in a statement. "I support Alberta’s chief firearms officer in making sure we have a voice in our country’s firearms discourse.”

According to Bryant, since becoming the province's first chief firearms officer in 2020, she has "consistently" heard from Albertans that the ban is "unrealistic, unworkable and unhelpful."

"I hope this letter sends the message to Ottawa loud and clear – Albertans deserve sensible and effective firearm legislation," Bryant said in a statement.

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