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Across the border, Biden's approval rate tanks

From the president’s handling of Afghanistan to the economy, Biden’s overall job approval continues to slump, with only 42.8% of Americans approving of his performance as of Oct. 20.

Approval of Biden’s immigration oversight is even worse: only 32.1% of Americans approve of Biden's immigration reform, which seeks to contradict Trump-era policies, halting construction on the border wall and taking special aim at the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), also referred to as “Remain in Mexico”.

Biden took to social media to blast the MPP during his campaign, tweeting, “Donald Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy is dangerous, inhumane, and goes against everything we stand for as a nation of immigrants. My administration will end it.”

He suspend the policy early in his term, resulting in lawsuits from both Texas and Maine. The hearings concluded in August, with U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk finding that the federal government “failed to consider several critical factors, including the benefits of the remain in Mexico policy,” and ruling the Biden administration to “enforce and implement MPP in good faith until such a time as it has been lawfully rescinded in compliance with the [Administrative Procedure Act] APA”.

Nonetheless, the injunction did not come soon enough, and the U.S. now suffers from one of the worst border crises it has ever experienced in history.

During the 2021 fiscal year, which ended in September, the U.S. Border Patrol detained more than 1.7 million migrants on the southern border — the highest total ever recorded.

With regard to economics, opinion is equally grim per CNBC:

Inflation now ties with the coronavirus as the biggest concern for Americans, up 16 points from the prior survey. A plurality of 47% of the public believe there will be a recession in the next year, up 13 points from when the question was last asked in 2019.
Recession worries come with increasingly negative views about the current and future state of the economy: 46% say the economy will get worse in the year ahead, the most in the 13-year history of the poll and 79% judge the economy as just fair or poor, the most since 2014. Just 31% say now is a good time to invest in stocks, the lowest since 2016.

“Last quarter, the economic numbers were flashing yellow for Biden, but now that’s intensified and the light is flashing red, and it’s accompanied by multiple blaring sirens,” added Republican pollster Micah Roberts, warning the nation may be entering into recession.

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