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20%+ of Americans not comfortable in visiting Canada ever again

Although the last year has made it difficult for tourists to travel between the longest border in the world, some aren't ready to ever attempt it ever again.

According to a recent study by Leger, 24% of surveyed Americans responded that they will never feel comfortable travelling to Canada in the future.

On the obverse, 19% of Canadians say they would never be keen to go to the U.S. again.

It's not all bad news. 16% of Americans and 7% of Canadians say they'd travel to the other country right now, in May or June.

The vast majority of respondents, including 57% of Canadians saying they'd go to the U.S. next year and 32% of Americans, said they'll feel comfortable travelling to their respective neighboring country - but only in 2022.

The survey is comprised of data from 1,529 Canadians and 1,003 Americans.

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